so tyler posey is at my school and i walked by him and he pointed at my shirt and just goes “HEY! I WAS THERE” and I asked him what date and he said ventura which is the date I went to and basically he was just really friendly and nice!!!

#tyler posey doesn’t wait for fans to approach him   #tyler posey is a fan of his fans   #what a dude   


One of my favourite moments in TV or movies is when really old actors play characters that hate each other and they try to out old each other and it’s just really entertaining


I crave the simplicity of sleep.


When I was a baby like two or three years old my dad who always had a full beard shaved off his beard and when he got home from work I didn’t recognise him and screamed and cried every time he tried to pick me up until it grew back. I’m 21 now and he hasn’t shaved off his beard since.